About Us


I am excited to announce the launch of a unique and dynamic platform, Togethernigeria.com, and respectfully request your participation.

In my nearly 50 years of life I have watched our dear country Nigeria literally deteriorate and become a ghost of its former self. I grew up in Nigeria, and I schooled in Nigeria before embarking on a journey abroad a few weeks shy of my 20th birthday. I landed in the United States specifically in New York where I have lived for nearly 30 years. I had the fortune of traveling to many US cities and states- seeing its beauty and experiencing the passion and dedication of the people and wondered when same can be said of Nigeria. I realized that clean streets, orderly people, round the clock electricity supply, a working government are all natural and logical outcomes of good governance. It would be most fulfilling if politicians, civil society, and the entire citizenry worked together in transparency, commitment, and accountability-these qualities ought to be our unifying mantra.

My experience inspired the determination to establish a robust and dynamic platform that would bring Nigerian citizens far and near together to discuss and resolve our issues and challenges, learn from each other and dialogue on the way forward while strengthening our nascent democracy.

I seek the participation and engagement of individuals like you, friends, politicians, media and other progressive organizations in understanding systemic issues that are fundamental to our problems. Our discourse should be centered in reformist solutions to crime, wealth creation, income disparity, social justice, tribalism, lack of power, lack of infrastructure, corruption, institutional threatening, ethnic and religious conflict, fair and free elections, and alignment with global best practices.

We seek real and sustainable change. We seek transformational change emanating from the collective conscience of the masses. That is “Real Change” and that is what we can achieve if we lend our voices and cry out together.

Please visit our blog website and register. Then jump into the conversation of interest to you, comment on it, make counter suggestions and submit your summary to the administrator. Semi-Quarterly we would be compiling a blueprint of our conversations, which draws from your ideas and writings. These would become our blue print to the national assembly and the state houses of assembly.

We shall demand that our propositions are deliberated and acted upon.

We look forward to the evolution of “Together Nigeria” into a strong, dynamic, and globally recognized instrument of change.


Dr. Njideka Kelley