On Biafra…

What are your thoughts on the Marginalization issue?


Do you really think that the Ibo’s are marginalized or is it just a spillover feeling from the past? Ibo’s have contributed largely to the commerce of Lagos and no one has stopped them. They own multiple businesses in Lagos, Port Harcourt, some northern parts (aside from boko haram saga in the recent times),

Ibo’s have built up many great cities of Nigeria and really no one has stopped them. Where is this marginalization sentiment coming from? Many will argue that because they have not been given as many federal political positions as the Northerners then that equals marginalization? Is this a criterion for deciding that factor? How about the Efiks, Ibibio’s, Urhrobo’s, Rivers, Bayelsa? Etc. Are those marginalized too? But then did the Southerners not have 8 years of Jonathan Ebele Good luck.  What happened with him? Did anyone cry foul?

It is well understood and hopefully with regrets that the Ibo’s faced criticism, discrimination and hatred during the Nigeria civil war and lost property and lives at that time.  But the Ibos’ have built up and accumulated great wealth anywhere they choose within Nigeria.  There isn’t any government that has asked Ibo’s to forfeit their wealth and property since the Post-War.  In fact it was the Ibo’s themselves who decided that there was a division between the Ibo’s from Imo and those from Anambra which necessitated the then administrator of East Central State, his Excellency Ukpabi Asika to ask the Ibo’s from Imo State to “go home”

What are we really trying to achieve with the Biafra movement?

I can understand if our fight is that; the region produces nearly all the oil in Nigeria and yet they do not partake in ownership of Oil blocks. Yes, that can be classified as unfairness, discrimination and outright wickedness.

Are Ibo’s not their own enemies?  Look at the situation of the states run by Ibo governors. How do they compare to say Uyo-Akwa Ibom, Lagos, Calabar-Cross Rivers or some of the Northern states that are fast becoming like any modern state? Is the Imo governor Okorocha not Ibo? What has he done for Imo State?

Again, I make the point that no one has marginalized the Ibo’s but the Ibo’s themselves.

Ibo’s have refused to speak up or utilize intelligence and resources in developing their home state. They have beautified Lagos, how about beautifying Owerri? With their wealth of Knowledge, yes Ibo’s can turn Imo State into a mega City with or without Okorocha.

My take is that instead of agitating for Biafra, Ibo’s should focus on how to make the Ibo cities modern, how to take up ownership of the oil blocks, how to weed out corruption in the system, how to improve the lives of citizens by providing adequate health care, sound education, infrastructure, technology, building affordable housing and providing micro-economic loans to boost business since the government of Nigeria has failed every citizen.



Did you know that East Africa is slowly becoming a technology hub? Entrepreneurs are providing services to the region using technology. Can Nigeria ever become a technology hub? How can we achieve this? Where are our entrepreneurs?

What are your thoughts?


Is it fair for banks to have a cut-off age for employment? Presently such banks like Zenith would not hire individuals that are more than 28 years of age. Is this discrimination? Add you comments, we have to change this trend, as it is one of the major reasons the unemployment rate is skyrocketing.

Social and Moral compass

Nigeria EFCC has been in the news with their whistle blower antics. Sure many are talking about looters who stack up currencies in abandoned buildings.  Are these real stories/ could this be a dangerous trend? Where does due diligence meet witch-hunt? What are your thoughts? By the way where are the recovered monies going?

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  1. I think yes, the Igbos have been marginalised since inception of Nigeria.
    It makes no sense to use the resources of Igbo land to enrich the north.
    it is one argument to say that Igbos should go back and develop their communities instead of developing other. but that is a different question from Igbos being marginalised in the Nigerian setting today.

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