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Nigerians in the diaspora can bring about the well-deserved change in the politics of the nation but first they must be allowed to vote. Do you agree?

How can this voting process be implemented for it to be fair?

Voters in the diaspora should be allowed to be the election monitors due to their presumed integrity obtained from best practice they have acquired severally in their host countries. Do you agree?

Monitoring mechanism to be used to force change via a Polling system and scoring board.


Nigeria state governors should be put to test on the progress made in their states through a scoring board system. Citizens should be allowed to make input in the final scores received by their governors. This information must be published and made public as crucial information when that governor is seeking re election.

The progress sheet should include:

Criteria points

Infrastructure development to include roads, garbage disposal, road cleanliness, environmental (sewage) hygiene, sidewalk maintenance

Economics should include tax incentives for business, employment rate, banking regulation to provide small loans to SME’s.

Education should increase teacher salaries, school test standardization, and school building renovation, qualified teacher certification and training, information technology for all schools, and modernization of libraries for all schools.

Social / cultural

Cleanliness at airports and all public places to include streets, parks, hospitals etc.

Employment for non-skilled labor


Free basic health check for low-income families provided they attend any state owned facility

Access to qualified medical staff

Free or subsidized drugs

Clean facility

Free immunization for children below 10 years

Subsidized immunization for children 10-15

IT and Internet access in all government owned facilities

Electronic record keeping

Improved patient screening (IT)


Join the conversation. We would be counting on you to provide these statistics for your state. Information is power and we must hold the governors accountable. When we monitor their progress and provide a grade for their actions and non-action, we will be forcing them to improve if they want our votes. Nigeria can no longer be run on the business as usual mentality. We as citizens must be respected and acknowledged. Our voices can bring change if we scream loud enough.

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